I hope you’re all enjoying  my blog and find it informative. I know I’ve been recently posting a lot of Human Trafficking stuff but it really bothers me that modern day slavery exists. There are too many people being treated like commodities; people have become unmoved by human right violations. Circumstances such as being uneducated or being poor are huge factors to why people are trafficked today. Even in the United States it occurs through forced labor and prostitution. Foreigners are mostly targeted to work with no pay and restricted movement. Women and girls are forced to sleep with multiple men at truck stops throughout this nation and not all of them are working at their own will. I think the overall cultprute is globalization. Just reading the way factories are ran in China where nets have to be placed so workers don’t commit suicide is deplorable.

I am going to be posting a few more Q and A and profiles of noteworthy people. I’m thinking more new stories related to human right violations in the near future. If you know any outstanding individual or event that should be profiled or covered contact me via e-mail . Also, if you’d like to give me any feedback feel free to contact me.

I will be working this summer closely with a non profit organization ran by a very close friend. More details to come.




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