This weeks Highlights

The top 4 news worthy stories you should know about to stay informed. This past week a lot of noteworthy events have occurred.  From the Ukraine, Venezuela, to drug lord El Chapo Guzman’s capture and Muslim ethnic cleansing in Central African Republic. All in all, these events around the world have impacted  social norms specifically human rights.

Turmoil in the Ukraine

The Ukraine has been in turmoil since mid-January and has currently led to blood shed during peaceful protests. The protests were brought about because of the strong anti-government support the people have for their president Yanukovych. In the clash between protestors and the police in the Capital of Kiev many were left wounded and dead. An eye witness account by Zoryan Kis, Campaign coordinator at Amnesty International Ukraine details the horrifying situation playing out in the Ukraine. Yanukovych is currently being pursued with warrants of arrest for mass murder.


Photo credit: Alexandr Piliugun/Amnesty International

Protests in Venezuela

The people of Venezuela are angry with their living and economic conditions. Current President Maduro can be compared to ex-president Chavez; socialist tyrant. Venezuelans need to have basic human necessities met and should not be deprived of it. People should be able to have cooking oil, milk, and other basic foods. The protests are a cry for freedom from government oppression; the violence has escalated. The people of Venezuela are tired of their government and demand change.


photo credit: Reuters/Marco Bello

El Chapo: The most wanted Drug Lord is captured

Since his escape from Mexico’s Puente Grande Prison back in 2001, El Chapo had remained at large. The head of the Sinaloa Cartel, had been pursued by both Mexican armed forces and U.S officials in a coalition over the years. He was captured this past Saturday, while he slept. The investigation that led to his capture consisted of countless tips that helped authorities discover his escape routes; tunnels that connected to the city’s sewage system. Also, the arrest of important informants and wire tapes were vital in capturing him.


Photo credit: CNN

Muslims slayed in Central African Republic 

Human Rights groups, are urging for the halt of the massacre of Muslims in the Central African Republic. Christian anti-balaka militias are the culprits in the revenge attacks against the Muslim population. They blame the Muslims for the Seleka’s rebel groups abuses the Christian population endured. Its ethnic cleansing; public lynching’s and burnings are carried out. The anti-balaka militias are targeting women and children without any hesitation. The ones who are lucky enough to live through the attacks are displaced. While, the food crises is becoming graver; atrocities continue to occur.


Photo credit: Reuters



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