An introduction

I’m Sonia Aquije, 21, an aspiring journalist/writer. I’m currently a junior at Kean University at Union, NJ. I write for The Tower; the University’s newspaper since 2011. I’ve written everything from news, features, column, to arts and entertainment.  I’ve recently joined Her Campus Kean online magazine as a contributing writer.  I started this blog because of my specialty writing class. I’m positive this will be a great challenging experience.

Not many know that I care about human rights, so this will be the perfect outlet. I was part of the Amnesty International chapter at Kean a few semesters ago and I held the position of president. I really embraced the concept of making a difference in the world. I’ve also taken a Holocaust and genocide class that gave me an in depth understanding of humanity.  I would love to share my thoughts on certain issues and human right violations. The world is very complicated and sometimes we forget what really matters. We should respect, be compassionate, and care about others. Conflicts won’t be solved if no one cares to stop them. I will be posting article links along with my personal commentary along with pictures and videos.  I would love feedback, I’m looking forward to this #EXCITED.



me :p

me :p


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